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You have come to Buffalo Injury Law because you or a loved one has suffered an injury at work. In New York, when a worker suffers an injury in the workplace, the claim is filed with Workers Compensation. A whole host of problems may result. From constant pain to the inability to work, this time of your life is difficult enough without Workers Compensation forms piling up. Do not despair, you are exactly where you need to be. We’re happy to help. A workers compensation lawyer is always on-call.

Many insurance companies will play nice at the beginning. Your medical may be paid for, and your lost wages may even be reimbursed. All the while, the insurance company is leading down a path that will ultimately save them money at your expense. Do not fall for this. Your adjuster’s job is save money for his company. Hiring an attorney as early as possible is of utmost importance with a Workers’ Compensation claim. At Buffalo Injury Law, we will make sure, from Day 1, that your case is headed toward a maximum recovery for you.

The #1 Rule for Workers’ Compensation in New York is… If It Happened At Work, You Should Be Covered.

Christopher P. Franjoine, Esq. has successfully fought for workers with injuries including: Back Strains, Knee Pain, and even COPD. Your employer may tell you that your injury is not covered. Call Franjoine for an opinion from an experienced attorney.

We aggressively defend the rights of hard-working Western New Yorkers who have been hurt on the job. Your lawyer has attended workers compensation hearings serving residents of Buffalo, Batavia, and Rochester. The workers compensation claims process can be confusing at times. Filing the claim is just the beginning. There will be doctors to choose, average weekly wages to file, and testimony on various issues. Your lawyer will be with you every step of the way. Your claim will be handled like a full trial. Perhaps that is what motivates the insurance lawyer to settle. Our goal is to handle every aspect of your workers compensation claim so you can concentrate on managing your injury.

Some people get injured while driving for work or for a rideshare program. In those cases, your choice is not between Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation, a claim should be filed for both. If done properly, the claims will work hand-in-hand, with Workers’ Compensation stepping in for No-Fault. In fact, it is important to be extra careful with timing because No-Fault will likely deny covering a claim that should have been filed under Workers’ Compensation. A good attorney with knowledge on Workers’ Compensation law is key to getting the compensation you need. Having the same attorney represent you for both claims is immensely important to making sure nothing gets lost in the cracks. For instance, Workers’ Compensation provides benefits in the form of paying medical bills and lost wages, but does not compensate you for any pain and suffering. That is where a civil claim (or Personal Injury Claim) comes into play.

Whether you are from Buffalo, Rochester, Batavia, Niagara Falls, or anywhere in between, we are happy to provide a free consultation with a lawyer to get your case on track. We fully understand that your injury may have left you without the ability to travel. Your lawyer is happy to come to you.

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