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Christopher Franjoine, ESQ

Christopher P. Franjoine, Esq. has already recovered over one million dollars for personal injury and workers’ compensation clients across Western New York. The personal injury process can be difficult to navigate at times. Your lawyer will build your case to be ready for trial. In order to accomplish this, your attorney will be available for consistent communication. Most importantly, at Buffalo Injury Law, clients are treated as family. You will establish a close, personal relationship with your attorney so that he can better understand how to help you.

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Ride-Share Accidents

After a car accident, you may feel helpless. Bodily harm tends to be only the start of your problems. Even with only slight injuries, perhaps you are stuck without a car, unable to work, and facing large medical bills. You do not need to run this gauntlet alone. Christopher P. Franjoine will be at your side, addressing all details that come your way so that you can concentrate on getting better. 

We are the Ride Share Accident Experts: Even if you have been hurt while riding or driving with Uber or Lyft – We can help!



People slip and fall every day, especially in Western New York. It may be a clumsy accident. Poor maintenance frequently causes dangerous conditions that might as well be traps. Find out who is responsible for your pain.


If you have been hurt at work, you are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits. Insurance carriers may deny treatment, lost wages, and even the entire claim. They will have a lawyer, you should too.


When dogs attack, responsibility lies with the owner for improper training and a lack of precaution. Man’s best friend is still an animal and owners have a duty to ensure your safety. 


You have the right to expect that products will be built to minimize injury. When companies are more concerned with profits than customers, you get hurt. Find out if money was more important than your pain.

About Buffalo Injury Law

Christopher Franjoine

Christopher Franjoine

New York State Bar Association

I grew up in the Southtowns of Buffalo before attending high school in the city. In the summer before starting college at SUNY Geneseo, I immediately started my working career in the construction business. I held the position of project monitor and inspector for four years while earning my degree in Geneseo. That job took me across Western New York and into countless demolition and renovation sites.

My experience as a blue-collar worker taught me the value of hard-work. Those four years were a major factor in leading me to fight for the rights of injured workers. I began the fight by attending Law School at the University at Buffalo. The worker in me could not just sit idly by. Throughout law school, I worked three jobs: coaching soccer at Canisius High School, working as a law clerk in asbestos litigation, and putting in hours at my previous, construction job.

Finally, I graduated law school and was admitted to practice law in the State of New York. In 2016, I was thrilled to accept a position with Nicholas, Perot, Smith, Bernhardt & Zosh. While I am no longer considered a blue-collar worker, I am pleased to apply those values to enthusiastically representing workers across Western New York in Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury.


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