Injury Case Updates

Buffalo Injury Law

Workers' Compensation

Carrier Forced to Pay Injured Worker After Refusing for Several Months

A worker came to me after not having been paid by the insurance carrier for several months. The worker’s doctor had not submitted the proper reports. After hiring Chris Franjoine, we tracked down the reports, submitted to the carrier, and after the carrier continued to refuse payment, we went to the judge.

That worker received all of the money he was due.

Personal Injury

Buffalo Woman Caused to Fall on Deteriorated Driveway

A Buffalo homeowner ignored the deterioration of her driveway for several years. As a result, a Buffalo resident was caused to fall down and hurt her shoulder and wrist.

Finally, after ignoring the claim for several years, justice prevailed and that Buffalo woman received fair compensation for her pain and suffering.

Workers' Compensation

Lifetime Benefits, Justice for Wife of Deceased Worker

Before even reaching the age of 60 years old, a Kenmore native passed away due to complications from his Workers’ Compensation accident. His wife sought justice. After insurance made it clear that they would pay, his wife contacted his attorney. His attorney refused to help. She contacted several other attorneys and got the same answer from each. 

Then, she came here and spoke with Chris Franjoine. Mr. Franjoine took the case and secured lifetime benefits within one year.

Personal Injury

$10,000 Offer From Insurance, Case Settled for Over 3,000 Times More

A postal worker from Akron slipped on ice while delivering mail. Due to the fall, he needed a back surgery and was left with a limited ability to work. Initially, insurance offered him a nominal amount. After taking the case into the court system and going through discovery, the case would eventually settle for 3,250 times more than the original offer.

Workers' Compensation

Law Judge Rules Surgery Authorized and Claim Accepted 

A simple request for surgery by the claimant’s doctor was denied by insurance as inappropriate, partially because the claimant continued to work through his pain. After depositions of both doctors, both attorneys submitted an argument to the Law Judge. The insurance company sought to cut the claim off and not include aspects of the claimant’s treatment. Mr. Franjoine used the insurance’s report against it and argued for the claim to include all injuries and the surgery to be authorized. The Law Judge agreed with Mr. Franjoine.

Personal Injury

Five-Year Battle Ends as Insurance Pays Injured Driver

For five years the insurance company told my client that the case was worthless, that it wouldn’t even get to the jury. They refused to pay a dime and went so far as to try and get the case dismissed. Through hard work and research, that request was denied.

This “worthless case” was turned into a fair settlement for a Western New Yorker.