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A motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you get the settlement you deserve.

Every car accident claim should be looked at by an attorney. You have questions, and we have answers. Even if you do not think your case is serious enough to warrant a lawyer, remember that a free consultation is exactly that… free!  A car accident attorney can provide proper representation to make sure you are not a victim of future costs or uncompensated pain and suffering.

In instances where injuries were sustained, significant property damage and even death, a personal injury attorney specializing in motor vehicle accidents can help.

Medical payments and dealing with issues of uninsured motorists can require specific experience to address. Insurance will pay as little as possible. By having your own legal representation, you can ensure that your needs will be addressed, avoiding unnecessary delays, bureaucratic delays, and ensuring fair compensation.

I have seen first-hand the toll that a car accident can take on you and your loved ones. Having spent my entire legal career representing people who have been injured because of the carelessness of others, I are confident that we will get you the compensation that you deserve. At the same time, you are more than just another case, and we strive to treat our clients with respect, compassion and empathy — just like we would a member of our family. That is the benefit of choosing me. Your case doesn’t get passed around to twenty different attorneys. It gets handled by the one you chose, the one you trusted. Although we have successfully represented a multitude of clients, personally recovering over one million dollars of damages, we have not lost sight of the fact that each client’s case is unique and important, regardless of its size.

If you were involved in a car accident in the last three years that was not your fault and caused you to be injured and/or suffer financially, then it’s likely we can help you start a claim. Compensation can help you get back to where you were before your injury. Whether that’s helping you cover the costs of your injury, allowing you to get treatment needed to aid your recovery, or providing you with the funds to adapt your home or car if you’ve suffered from a serious injury.

A person can recover damages for their vehicle, medical expenses, and economic loss including missed time from work or missed business opportunities. Economic loss includes the cost of future medical expenses. In cases that involve permanent injuries, the cost of future medical expenses can be a great burden that may force you to choose between getting treatment and making rent. Many attorneys underestimate the cost of future medical care, don’t make that mistake. After economic damages, can also recover non-economic damages, which are pain and suffering damages.

Your attorney’s duty is to first determine what damages a person may be entitled to. Then, the job becomes recovering those damages. People who proceed without an attorney have a tendency to miss, undervalue, or accidentally exclude certain allowable damages.

Proving and recovering those damages typically requires the attorney to retrieve all medical records and all medical bills. For those with lost wages, the attorney can retrieve information from the employer. When it comes to lost wages, the effect can be simple: the person cannot work so they should be entitled to their salary or weekly wages. Other times, the effect is more difficult to ascertain: the person will have to retire earlier or cannot work overtime. It then becomes necessary to dive deep into the economic side of damages. For these especially life-altering experiences, the attorney can find expert opinions about future medical care, economic loss, and any other damages that an individual may be entitled to when they have been seriously hurt.

The car accident lawyer of Buffalo Injury Law is here to help. He has the experience and knowledge necessary to make sure that every facet of your case gets the proper attention it deserves in order to maximize your recovery. It is important to act immediately to protect your rights. You may have already received a call from an insurance adjuster who would be more than happy to give you pennies to settle your case before you have the opportunity to hire an attorney. You do not need to go through this alone.

Call Buffalo Injury Law to speak directly to an attorney. Christopher P. Franjoine, Esq. will be happy to discuss your case at no charge. If you cannot make it to the office, he will gladly come to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About New York Car Accident Litigation

1. STOP - the first thing you need to do is stop your vehicle and make sure you are in a safe location. If the accident occurred on a busy street, set up cones or flares.
2. CHECK ON OTHERS - if you are able to move around safely, check the other vehicle(s) to make sure nobody is in need of immediate assistance. If they are, call for an ambulance.
3. POLICE - even with minor accidents and supposed "fender-benders," it is important to make sure a police report is created. It's important to cooperate fully without inadvertently admitting fault or making potentially harmful statements. Don't try to win your case at the scene.
4. SOLIDIFY THE RECORD - Tell the police everything you saw, exactly the way you saw it, including: what the other driver was doing, the weather, any traffic control devices, and names of witnesses.
5. PICTURES - You may think the police will document the scene and take pictures of your vehicle. They likely won't. Don't rely on that. If you have a smart phone, take your own pictures. If not, find a friend or even a bystander. The pictures show more than just the damage to the vehicles. The pictures show location, license plates, force of impact, and much more.
6. EXCHANGE INFORMATION - Most times, the police officer will have you exchange insurance information. Don't settle for a $20 or a promise, get the insurance info.
7. REPORT TO INSURANCE - It is incredibly important that you report the accident to your insurance. Some policies require 24 hours notice.
8. SEEK MEDICAL TREATMENT - Most people like to assume that their pain will just go away with time. Don't make that assumption. Go to a hospital or at least your primary. Your doctor will tell you if you need more treatment.
9. KEEP A FILE - Make a binder. Every document you receive relating to the accident goes in that binder. All your pictures, all your medical reports. Everything goes in there.

Yes. The police provide the invaluable tool of documenting the parties, the conditions, and insurance information. Oftentimes, the police may make an initial determination as to who caused the car accident. While it's not a final determination since it's unlikely the police personally witnessed the accident, it does provide a good place to start. Furthermore, many insurance polices actually require that you report any and all car accidents within a certain time frame.

Contact an attorney as soon as possible. Lately, insurance companies have made a habit of calling you and trying to get you to settle for a few hundred dollars before you really know what's going on. An adjuster may even come see you in the hospital in the hopes of getting a statement from you. The sooner you contact an attorney, the better. The first month after your car accident is the most important. It's when facts are the freshest in your mind and those of potential witnesses.

The short answer is yes. There is a tendency in this day and age to suck it up and hope the pain goes away. I'm guilty of doing that too. Combine that with the worry of having medical bills and it's easy to convince yourself to wait to see a doctor. DON'T DO THAT. No-Fault will pay for your medical bills and they are more likely to do that closer to the date of the car accident.

Never. Meeting with an attorney to discuss a potential claim for a car accident is always free with Buffalo Injury Law. If we feel we can help you, the only way we get paid is if we get money for  you. There is no fee unless we put money in your pocket.

If you were driving for work when you got in a car accident, you have a Workers' Compensation claim as well as a personal injury action. Workers' Compensation works in a similar way as No-Fault in that your medical and lost wages are covered. It is important to work with an attorney versed in both car accidents and Workers' Compensation in order to maximize both cases.